Duhhhh! It's obviously barbeque.
I like BBQ sauce.
BBQ ribs are good.
I want some BBQ buffalo wings.
We are having a BBQ this weekend. Bring the kids.
by The Master of Beastiality July 12, 2006
the Australian way to celebrate
Come on over, neighboUr! BBQ is on me
by bungalow August 01, 2004
A BBQ (barbeque) is a party which is attended mostly/completely by males, where no chicks turn up. And the chicks that DO turn up aren't single.

Also known as: Sausage Fest, Sushi Shop (hold the sushi).
Paul: Hey, are you going to Stuart's tonight?
Peter: Fuck that, I heard it was gonna be a BBQ!
Paul: Damn, we'll just go clubbin' then.
by Josh January 19, 2004
Something you eat, NOT something you grill on
yall, lets go eat some BBQ
by Mary Lue Hindly December 12, 2007
A gathering of friends or family to cook items on a grill (such as chicken or steak)
My friends came over for a BBQ yesterday
by 1337 October 01, 2003
Code word for tripping on hallucinogenic drugs while doing IRC.
* paniq^bbq sets mode: +o Tournesol
* paniq^bbq sets mode: +o ace'r'us
* paniq^bbq sets mode: +o abductee
* paniq^bbq sets mode: +o psyl0fant
<paniq^bbq> its bbq night, and you all shall profit from my neversearing well of cosmic truth.
<psyl0fant> \o/
by paniq October 06, 2004
Short for 'Bitch be quiet'
Someguy: haha shot you in the face!!!11!!
Angryguy: bbq
by PhoeniK November 09, 2005

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