bitch be quiet. linked with wtf bbq
usually used on msn during a fight, "omg bbq"
by lolomgwtfbbq November 28, 2006
1. A shortened version of the word "barbecue"

2. An Internet slang term for things such as Be Back, Queers, Better be Quick, and Bitch Be Quiet, among other terms.
1. Let's go to that BBQ over at Lenny's house!

2. Phil: The game's starting. BBQ.
Annoying Person: *starts raving and whining, generally pissing everyone off*
Phil: BBQ, Annoying Person. Uh oh, the missus is calling. BBQ.
by Mr. Pie May 29, 2007
Big Bad Queer

A person who is trying to act all cool and badass ended up looking and sounding all gay,stupid,and hated by others.
Paul is being a BBQ after winning one game of UNO online
by imsorryroflmfao August 16, 2009
To smoke chicken

burn:smoke:get high
DI:"Lets bbq"
KLASKY:"Yeuuhh ill get the P"
BIG RED:"iiittee ill get the chicken"
by CHiCKEN H0GG November 13, 2009
Baby cutie
Awe, look at that BBQ over there! She's adorable!
by Murphyjeff November 21, 2012
Brazilian Beauty Queen. Beautiful girl from Brazil. Either from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro or any of the many small towns there where they breed beautiful women partly due to their diets mainly composed of beans, rice, meat and salad. There is no scientific explanation as to why every woman in Brazil is beautiful.
Matt: Hey bro let's go to the club tonight and pick up some of these slutty white chicks!

Tom: No way man I have a BBQ at home waiting for me, no way I'm fucking that up for a slutty white chick!

Matt: yeah you are right bro, don't fuck up your situation with your BBQ, you can be the next Tom Brady!!
by theoneyourmomwarnedyouabout November 19, 2011
1. An Internet abbreviation; short for "bitch, be quiet."

2. An abbreviation for barbeque.
*Jimmy gets frag'd in Halo 3*
Guy 1: You suck, Jimmy.

Jimmy : BBQ

RSVP for the Company BBQ today!
by TwoCentHooker:) December 13, 2009

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