A male having sex with another male, usually while drunk.
Dude I think I blonked some guy last night
by hoopla October 19, 2004
Top Definition
1. To fuck or be fucked
2. To be caught in a difficult situation, also see screwed.
3. A poser 'programmer' who thinks his programs are the shit, when they're really just shit.
1. "Awww man, I blonk'd your mom last night and it was AWESOME"
2. "Fuck dude, I'm blonked."
3. "Blonk's a faggot"
by unsticky October 19, 2004
Any "programmer" who rips code and doesnt know how to use variables
BBLLONNKK cant code for his life.
by Tucker January 20, 2005
1.)A 14 year old prubescent teenager nerd, who will leave with his dad(s) the rest of his life.

2.)He makes programs for the AIM community by stealing open source program code and editing it.

3.)Another word for a poser who listens to rap/hip hop because he thinks it's cool like his programs.

4.) To hit a faggot nerd, who is self-centered and poserish.
Dude, I just blonked that bitch
by Mx March 11, 2005
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