A) A sorority for Jewish teens
B) A Jewish youth group
C) A cult
D) A mass orgy
E) All of the above


One who is a member of the sorority/youth group/cult/mass orgy. Usually female; hence B'nai B'rith GIRLS.
At this BBG event I went to I hooked up with this AZA while my sister BBG hooked up with this other guy
by bbyorocksmysocks March 17, 2004
BBG is a well known acronym for a YouTube supastar. Stands for "Bald Black Guy". You can usually find video's referencing or containing him by searching "BBG TV" or "LV MOBSQUAD" on
BBG in Insane Walker (YouTube video)
by P Monkey March 29, 2009
n. Acronym for the "Bitch Be Good". The action of utilizing a backhand when your hizzo is mouthin' off. Can be combined with a spoiler for maximum effect. Often employed by pimps or tall, Asian men on their Caucasian girlfriends.
Kelly was mouthing off on email so Wong had to pull out the BBG when he got home.
by wong-time November 03, 2008
better be going or best be going
Me: Hey well, it was nice talking to you but I bbg.
Them: OK cya later bye.
by Lisa Cant January 20, 2007
a term usually used when talking to your "bb".
(said to lover) i love you bbg,
by GODZILLAZZ. May 16, 2007
Big Boned Girlfriend
My friend Jake has a BBG
by rockin the casbah December 27, 2006
A person often to be female, very over weight or even obese. As is Big Big Girl.
Shit... Look at that BBG!
by :: m1k3L ;; November 07, 2006

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