Beef Blower. Usually refers to girls.
That girl over there is a major BB.
by Missawesome April 29, 2012
spanish slang word for "bebe"
te querio bb
by mamideivan August 15, 2009
Abbreviation for Bourgeois Bitch, but not really have anything to do with being bourgeois, or being a bitch.

A woman who has reached such a level of self-worth and self-awareness that she cannot be defined by others.
BB's for life!

Ya'll some BB's!! Grrrr

Dannnggg, cuz!! The BB's are smart, sessy, and confident! They runnin ish!!
by BB#1 February 21, 2010
stands for Bye Bye. It's used more in the European gaming arena than in North America.
Flash: gotta Go
Sr Timbo: bb
Flash: cya
by Flash[ZD] May 08, 2009
Barebacking - anal sex without the use of a condon
He says no to BB, but all else goes.
by liftinman September 11, 2003
To claim to be texting someone who you are attempting to wheel, while in reality you do not have said persons number nor been in contact with them at any point, would be considered pulling a "BB". Is done to induce jealousy or anger upon another person.
Guy 1: Yo man who are you texting right now?
Guy 2: Im wheeling that hottie from last night.
Guy 1: Ya right! You wish man, dont pull a BB on me son!
by Dcoomz December 01, 2009
Blackberry phone
I just got your message and literally dropped my BB in a glass of water (and yes, it was water, Martin!).
by KEGuse May 29, 2009
short for blond bitch
Bob:Who are u taking to the spring formal?
Dave: Im taking Tania, shes really cute.
Bob: Dont go with Tania shes too much of a bb.
by Devil Kisses May 31, 2009

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