Barebacking - anal sex without the use of a condon
He says no to BB, but all else goes.
by liftinman September 11, 2003
Alternate definition:

bb is short for BlackBox, a window manager for X (Linux)
bb owns, its so simple and fast!
by hexa December 12, 2003
Abbreviation of "bed-buddy." May be used to denote number of bed-buddies.
With a laugh, Janeve said, "Yeah, I know, I'm up to BB #13 already!"
by Jess Park February 22, 2004
The abbreviation for Bitch Bully. Some may know this pharse as Double B.

n. Someone who is so mean, who is a bitch 100% of the time, and bullies people.
"Damn, Christina is such a BB. She won't let the crying baby have some ice cream."
by da number one b August 04, 2009
short for big bitch.
holy shit that bb just broke the couch.
by whateverr January 22, 2007
Broadband. As in high speed internet connection.
Dude do you have bb?
by Dodeman July 10, 2003
1. Back down Barry.
2.the name of a really big pussy.
3. A pussy bigger than the largest vagina in the it.
4. A fat poon,queer, backer downer.
Man did u see BB tell on that kid and then back out of that fight and run away, what a puss.
by Secret June 07, 2003
A short version of "brown butthole." the phrase focuses on the pigmentation of the anus, as either a splendid or horrid visual. The phrase is gender and sexuality neutral.
Hey dude, your girlfriend, does she have a BB?
by thor's wild dance June 24, 2009

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