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Hooters, headlights.
Equally vulgar, but far more colorful.
Often seen with the adjective BIG (capitalized)
Seen on IRC: "Horney guy ISO hot chix w/ BIG bazongas. Itty bitty titty comitte please abstain. Dont be shy gurrls and msg me"
by Hugh G Rection September 15, 2003
168 26
breasts...usually huge
Look at the bazongas on that chick!
by Mark Lee June 19, 2007
136 37
that girl sure has big bazongas
by Hugh G Rection September 15, 2003
107 24
An uncommonly large pair of female breasts, usually attractive and well shaped.
Holy hell, did you see Jeri Ryan's Bazongas?
by M3D13V4L August 08, 2008
42 29
Huge headlights that look damn good.
Look at those BIG bazongas of hers!
I'd like to titi fuck those bazongus!
by anonymus March 17, 2005
45 36
large, well-shaped breasts in their covered state (ie: by a bra or t-shirt)
She has nice bazongas!
by Annonny Mouse February 05, 2010
6 13
basically a penis

can be big small giant or tiny, but is usually used as big.
-Man, he's got a big bazonga!

-Man, she's got a big bazonga!
by mikerules111 February 26, 2007
5 72