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1. Russian spoken word for the open-air market, where people from Azerbaijan or somewhere from the Caucasus (so-called hach'i) can sell u whatever u want from a D&G jeans that's gon cost u about $20 to a small nuclear bomb.

2. Russian slang word for slang style of speaking.

3. English slang word for sucking a dick.

Person#1: "Look at my new glamour shirt, mayne!"
Person#2: "What a shitty shirt! Did u get that on Cherkizovsky bazar?"

Person#1: "Yo, sucker, ima fuck ur ass!"
Person#2: "Watch your bazar, milksop."

Person#1: "Check that girl, dude! I'ma pick that shorty!"
Person#2: "Damn, mayne, lemme find u real hot babe. That hoe must be bazared a half dicks in this club."
by S Sense August 22, 2007
To viciously devour cock, only leaving behind an irritated stump.
Horny from taking in in her pooper all night long, Christinea was drooling at the thought of bazaring 15 black cocks
by E&G-2A February 01, 2005
Partir para outro local. Ir embora. Tipicamente utilizado como calão em Português Europeu.
"Bem, já é um pouco tarde, vou bazar!"
by Aurumus October 21, 2013
British for sucking cock
That fucking cow bazared those bastards over there!
by Blowmebitch February 19, 2005
Portuguese & African slang for "bailing out"
Bute bazar.
by Marquis de Carabas August 04, 2003
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