The most inventive and creative director around. Inventor of the best movie ever, Moulin Rouge, which he was co-producer, director, and co-writer of.
I think I love Baz Luhrmann.
by Milkwasabadchoice August 16, 2006
Top Definition
The most annoying, high-pitch talking Austrailian director, who directed/co-wrote Strictly Ballroom,Romeo+Juliet,and Moulin Rouge! He is madly in love with Nicole Kidman, Barritos, and best buds with Ewan McGregor.
Considered a 'genius' by some.
Good evening, and welcome hi! I'm Baz Luhrmann.
by waaaa February 17, 2008
Something long and epic. Can be shortened to 'Baz'. Australian Slang.
'Boy, that weekend was a Baz Luhrmann.'
by JDJB December 29, 2008
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