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bah/lloj/llah- from the latin word ballareallayoya- typical crazy dance of a latin tribe were women and men would spend crazy nights in the state of embriagation or soberness. Usually latin people can say bayoya.. americans would translate the word to PAHN/DEI/MOUN/IUM (pandemonium). Tambien bayoya es fiesta, reguero, bacilon, feliz y locamente aburrido, organizado, triste, decente. Bayoya es BAYOYA!
noun: Quiero una BAYOYA en mi fiesta manana

verb: Vamos a BAYOYIARLE full esta nocheee!!!
adjective: A la verdad que el pari de adriana estuvo bien BAYOYA!
adverb: Fuera de chiste el gringo le bailo super BAYOYAMENTE!
by BostonWeen09 November 09, 2009
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