J.R. - Universal advective or noun. Pronounced in a deep voice (men) and women must pronounce "Bayoo" with a elongated long "O" sound
Your hair is bayoo; It was a real bayoo day, full of bayoo this and bayoo that. Bayoo Tags Inc.
by thepanicbutton December 17, 2004
Top Definition
Originated by J.R. - It takes the form of a univeral adjective, and a univeral noun for emphasis whether it be postive or negative. It's can be used to replace profanity and it is also, in some places descriptive to a state of mind. It is relative to the extrema of the coordinating spectrum.
That's a bunch of bayoo! It was a bayoo sandwich!
by thepanicbutton December 12, 2004
A baby, an infant, exerting some sort of babyness or pansyness.
Kori you're a dipshit, stop acting like a bayoo.
by Kenny Perez July 16, 2006
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