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Using, or being able to use, slang originating in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Brad: "Hey, how's it going? What are you up to?"

Marty: "What it do, B? Nathan, man, just smobbin through the hood, bendin corners, gone off that slurricane, about to get hyphy and ghostride this here scraper, yadadamean?"

Brad: "Marty, I had no idea you were baylingual!"
by timpossible March 20, 2007
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Not only is Baylingual the type of vocabulary
Used by Northern California natives but it is also,

A Music Crew Based out of The Bay Area.
That's coming for the crown at any cost.
So be on the look out for them.
Members currently include:
Ookie & J-walk.

Ookie being the lyrical slaughter
While J-walk is the producer

Together their grooves move harder than that of
The Emperor Kuzco himself...
Breh, Did you hear that new Baylingual slap?!

Yo arn't those the cats from Baylingual

Sorry officer I Don't speak Pig-Latin, only Baylingual
by Thedirtyluna69 May 25, 2011

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