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Colloquial slang used by a small amount of South East London based adolescents meaning 'very rich'. Was first coined in about March 2007 by an Italian-Egyptian boy.
Eli: "I saw some bare bayden gash while I was listening to Still Remains on skag yesterday!"
by L! August 21, 2007
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most sexy person around, great personality and generally gets along with everyone he meets,is a great kisser and has amazing eyes. Bayden is retarded but everyone still thinks his awesome unfortunately he is annoying as hell sometimes.
Danm you are sexy
by tempestorm February 09, 2013
A name with Germanic ties, often spelled Baden. The meaning is contradictory, classically the name means "Son of a messenger", or "Son of Bade", or sometimes "Bather", but recent and active language reformists have attempted to change the meaning to "The coolest guy on the planet".
Sir Robert Baden-Powell, Bayden Woodland, Baden Cook (competitive cyclist). Baden the Dog belonging to Connor's Dad's Friend
by He who commands that it is so October 14, 2009
A male who loves to suck penis, no matter who it belongs to. Bayden also likes to have sex with recently murdered rabbits. He also loves Mexicans.
Oh boy, step back guys, it looks like Bayden is about to fuck that headless rabbit.
by Ragingcrumpet October 22, 2012

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