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A verb used when one is beaten, embarrassed, "burned", or adheres a loss from a person or athletic team that resides or has a place of origin in the Bay Area.
The Cincinnati Reds were Bay'd by the Giants after they came back from a 0-2 deficit in the series to win it 3-2.
Hey Cincinnati...you just got Bay'd!
by Bay bred Cali raised October 11, 2012
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(adjective) Sarcasm. Said when something is actually good or awesome.
Oh man! This salsa is BAYD!
by MartysPooh May 07, 2006
36 8
To say or imply something with a connotative sexual twist, usually on a instant messenger or a text.
Sarah: I love these lolipops, they are so big and hard!
Mike: Your giving me some bayd pictures in my mind, Sarah! Thanks!
by Mgamerz April 03, 2009
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