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A person that resides in Jackson,TN or Memphis,TN.
"Where you from?"
"Baybo ass nigga"
by Realnigga301 November 10, 2013
One who, in trying to appear sagacious, endeavors to utilize words beyond one's vocabulary, and is ultimately incorrect in the aforementioned sizable word's usage.
During the scrabble game, he tried to impress us with large words, but he really just turned out to be a baybo.
by I'm not a baybo August 28, 2006
A term of endearment to describe a loved one, such as babe or baby.
Baybo, come over here and let me give you a bosa.
by bab/0 December 20, 2010
a wife that is born a zilly raybo
My wife is such a baybo and I love her so much
by TruPoet February 18, 2008