The softest neighborhood in Brooklyn that is only good for its bars. Especially soft is 69th street, which is filled with nothing but Arab teenagers who pretend they are Puerto Rican gangstas.
Girl 1: Hey, I wanna walk through a safe neighborhood.

Girl 2: Well theres nowhere safer then Bay Ridge.

Girl 1: But someone on Urban Dictionary said 69th street was hard. *giggle*

Girl 2: Oh he's just a silly poser who wishes he lived in the REAL ghetto. Everyone knows you can't be hard when you live in a neighborhood with MANSIONS.

Girl 1: Let's go back to Flatbush and get a real nigga
by Flatbushauthentic October 29, 2007
Brooklyn neighborhood that should really be part of staten island, which should really be part of new jersey.

The orange skinned, gelled hair, newport smoking, scumbags that drive their piece of shit cars down third avenue while blasting that horrible noise called techno. go back to staten island, we don't need your pollution in bay ridge.
by moving to brooklyn heights November 23, 2007
the robbery capital of brooklyn with a mix of races
including arabic, puerto rican, dominican, and white
a lower class community where people get merked
bay ridge is the hood son
by salleem December 12, 2007
a low class community were there are a mix of races and were there is a high string of murders and it is the slums
bay ridge is hood son
by jalim December 30, 2007
the hoodest nieghborhood in BK got the most bodies and the most robberies pop off we smoke l's and catch bodies fo real
bay ridge is hood we dont play games in spray ridge
by mohomad December 13, 2007
a part of brooklyn that is a mix of races mostly arabs, the hardest part of bay ridge is 69st and 5th avenue. Most people who don't live there are terrified to go there. when you live at 69th you must hustle to survive
kid not from 69st: lets take 3rd avenue
guy from 69st: why? its bay ridge
kid not from 69st: i'm scared of 69st and 5th
guy from 69st: nahh chill i grew up there dead broke, those are my people!
by johnn5 August 31, 2007
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