Bay is a cute lovable boy!! Somebody who everyone else sees as annoyinng boy!! Quite often gets made fun of and called gay because it rhyes with his name. Doesn't get many girlfriends! When he gets them he treats them wrong. He makes a horrible mistake and dumps the one who saw him for him! He is sweet at times and knows when to throw in adorable comments. He always sticks up for you when your down!! Knows how to throw cute little things that makes you like him more. Overall he is the most amazing person you could ever ask for to be yours!! I will never forget 2-14-13 to 4-11-13:'(
Bay: I'm not saying I don't love you because I do love you
Me: I love you too awww

Him:your cute like your book bag says
Me: thanks tehehe
by Ff123 May 18, 2013
Top Definition
short for baby something you love ta hear a nigga call u.
"i love u bay" "bay i love u"
by black girl hailey February 04, 2007
Defines the style and flare of the San Francisco Bay area. How you talk, dress and act.
Used in coversation or as a tagline: I'm so BAY wit it.
by Anubis6942 October 24, 2005
An Inlet of the Sea or other Body of Water.
It'd Be fun if the Bay was close by Us.
by Mr. Baby Boys Blue November 14, 2014
A cute way to call someone you love or are very close to

(Origin: taken from the Hurricane Chris joint "Ay Bay Bay")
Bay, I seriously just wanna hold you really close and kiss you like... like right now.. :)
by Alyssa Ms. Shaken Not Stirred August 03, 2008
ghetto ass term used by men in Augusta, GA that is short for baby.

A lazy ass alternative to using the word Baby when referring to your significant other.
"Bay, I'm sorry. You know luuv u."

"Bay, Why you'n fuck wit cha boy no more."

"Imma call you later Bay"

"Bay, why you ain't answer the phone."
by Brischenda December 03, 2009
a group of talented individuals known at BCA as blake, anish, and yooni. This trio was formed during the winter of 2006 and still exists to this day
1. Man I can't believe Yooni actually tried to leave B.A.Y. that one time, what a horrible move.
by baaaaaaa May 05, 2008
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