To suck or not be good.
"That ice-tea was totally bawlz"
is the equivilent to
"That ice-tea sucked"
by Trevor Jacob December 21, 2005
They drop nuts on chins!!
Billy: Are BAWLZ any good?

David: How can a billion Chinese be wrong?
by melovebawlzmeneedbalwz February 27, 2009
Name of the greatest cs clan in the world. Also the name of the most 1337357 drink. (drink bawlz and be the 1337)
by Daniel June 05, 2003
one more...
L33T_M@JIXX <bawlz>
by Spoole June 14, 2003
what nerds don't have/what nerds like to stuff in their mouth
yes, those nerds love balls.
by anal chicken June 15, 2003

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