One of the best drinks out there, I love Bawls and i normally have them when i go paintballing but sadly they hardly have anymore caffine than coke.

and who the hell has LAN partys with bawls or lan partys at all, like you know your'e a fag when.

LAN party kid: yeah im COOL im going to go drink a bawls

Regular kid: go kill yourself or atleast go get another drink to have with youre gay lan partys
by sfig April 18, 2006
One of the best energy drinks goes in this order.
2.Rockstar energy drink
3.sobe andrenaline
4.Red bull
5.Monster energy (taste like crap)
Man this bawls stuff is 1337.
by MSI owns your face August 13, 2004
An energy drink
After having bawls, you too will be awake for hours.
by Tapper October 25, 2003
An energy drink that tastes pretty good. More often than not, however, it is purchased for entertainment over taste. That is, no group of people can consume a bottle of Bawls without erupting into a plethora of jokes and puns related to "Balls," a word which shares the same pronunciation as Bawls.
Rick: Mark, do you want to taste my Bawls?

Mark: Nah, I'm not thirsty.

Rick: Joe, do you want to taste my Bawls?

Joe: No, shut up about your Bawls! That stopped being funny three hours ago.
by Jam_Jars April 01, 2008
1. An energy drink with the most purpose named after "balls" probably so people will laugh about what you just drank.

2. What you don't want other girls to see you buy at the store.

3. Best used in a conversation labled as "energy drink."

4. Whats best not to ask for in jail.

5. What you need to grow.
1. Bawls creator #1: So what shall we call this?

Bawls creator #2: How about Bawls so that way people can be laughed at?

2. *Price check reads "Bawls"*

Girl: Oh my god! Your buying Bawls?

3. Jim: So Frank, what did you drink this morning?

Frank: Some Bawls.

4. Prisoner: Guard! Could you please get me some Bawls?

Bubba: You want some Bawls honey? Well I got it right here.

5. I just grew the same plant used to make Bawls in my backyard.
by General Radec August 12, 2009
1.A lulz way of saying Balls.
2.I highly caffinated drink in a blue bottle
1."Dude,I put my Bawls in her face and she got totally jeleous!"
by Paul Tonich April 19, 2009
A PG rated spelling of "Balls". Used as an exclamation in times of mild annoyance or surprise.
"Bawls! I left my cell phone on the table when I left the house".

"Dude, I had to work 70 hours this past week"

Use as a substitute for the word "Crap"
by Jayhem February 04, 2010
Bawls are lady balls. They are imaginary, but give women the courage to do things they otherwise would be too scared to do. Just like manning up.
I finally grew some bawls and gave that guy my number
by mangokake22 April 12, 2011
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