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Scottish - More central scotland insult.
Definition -

To smell like a male genital area which is rather smelly indeed. Balls that havent been washed in a long time or are rather sweaty.
You are stinkin of bawhum!
by Gayley August 19, 2006
9 28
to hum upon the male testes usually to the tune of the macarena
"gees a bawhum ya ride"
by trig April 29, 2003
37 12
A Scottish term meaning a gentle oral vibration upon the scrotum or sometimes used to describe a person of little intelligence.
1: "This girl gave me a BJ and bawhum last night"
2: "Shut it you bawhum"
by Chris June 19, 2006
33 12
the act of placing the man's testes in one's mouth and humming, hence the man ejaculates all over your doll-like face, resulting in spots, sometimes AIDS.
'ooh.......oh.oh...oh.OOH OOH OOH BUZZ LIKE A BEE BIATCH and take my juice. Baw Hum me mom'
by master de bates June 22, 2006
18 19