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Glasgow, Scotland origin, derogitary name given to one who is annoying, useless or just plain stupid. To compare one with such an ugly part of the male anatomy should be insult enough...
"Look you fuckin' bawbag, you are about as useful as a tit with no nipple."
by Jamie August 12, 2003
where your testicles live, yer scrotum
hey stu yer a bawbag!
by R. Wilson January 05, 2003
Dishonest or untrustworthy person.
You're a bigger bawbag than Harry Nolan.
(notorious bin thief in Glasgow)
#tory #bin-theif #cheat #liar #hun
by JumboTim December 19, 2007
clacker bag
male genetlaia
as one would say on a cold day, "ma bawbag's pure perrishin by the way"
#scroatum #knackers #plumbs #oats #stains
by wullie bhoy September 09, 2006
gentlemans scrotium, (sack)
" if one does not shut the fuck up, I shall kick one's bawbag"! Aaaawwwch
by Pamela P March 24, 2005
a irritatating or very annoying person
one who will not stop pestering you
jc's a bawbag
by rusty jones January 16, 2004
its a bag.....for balls...see what i done..took it,flipped it....
wheres the ball? in big mike baw bag!
#baw #bag #ball #rugby #sevens
by sabotaged July 10, 2008
mark nelson
mark nelson you baw bag !!!!!!
by english girl September 26, 2003
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