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eat a bagel, liek a baws!
Puke on Debrah's desk, like a baws!
by th3b0ss231757273 June 27, 2009
157 151
acronym for "Bunk Ass Weak Shit"

Used when you truly despise/hate someone or something
Can be used to describe situations that one is in as well
Your boy's C.D. is B.A.W.S. man

Person A: How was you day
Person: It was totally B.A.W.S.
by Adam Dunn November 16, 2006
7 4
Bad Ass Woman Slayer

A woman slayer of the bad ass male orientation.

A bad ass man who slays women on a daily basis.
"Bro, did you see that B.A.W.S over there? He totally slayed all my women....what a bad ass..."

"Dude, he boned three chicks last night... What a B.A.W.S."
by LynchMobbin' September 07, 2011
3 1
Baws can either mean one of two things.

1. Baws = balls (which is Scottish slang)

2. Baws = Boss
1. Tom: Gahh. My baws smell rank today!

Alex: Tom. Dude. I didn't need to know that!

2. Alex: I'm such a baws!

Tom: I know Alex! You're the best
by bitch.hermaphrodite.alex December 07, 2011
12 12
scottish slang meaning 'ball' as in testicle
you baw
you baw-sack
you baw-bag
by jimny cricket March 16, 2004
111 112
Baws is a Scottish slang term for the word testicles. The word baws can lead to other words like 'bawbag', 'bawsack', 'baw', 'bawjaws'
Pubeless baws
by Cuntshitbaws June 02, 2010
16 18
n. plural for testicles
n. alternative word or greeting for
adj. used as an exclamation
n1- suck my baws
n2- whats up baws?
adj- after being shocked one replies
by Phillip January 12, 2004
44 46