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An act in which a man jizzes and puts it into a blender. He then adds ice and blends them into a frozen treat. Once blended the guy dips his dick into the mix and recieves a blowjob from his partner.
Christina: Gill let me enjoy a bavarian creamsickle last night it was delicious!

Gill: Man, Christina sucked on my bavarian creamsickle as if it was the best popsicle she has ever had.
J HAM: Damn i wish i could get blown.
by KingOfTheSwing June 22, 2006
A sexual act where the guy sucks the girls tits for milk. Then he rubs the milk all over his dick. The girl proceeds to give the guy a blowjob.
Daniel: i heard that jared got a bavarian creamsickle last night at the party.
Duncan: Lucky son of a bitch!!
by rollinwitdubs June 21, 2006