Bau was a word invented by rich snobby boys on Oslo's (norway) westside. Later, it got spread in the whole Eastern part of Norway, and now it seems it will be a common international word. The word itself means snuff (norwegian/swedish: snus), which is tobacco you put in your upper lip. The word was made to keep the snuff orally hidden from the parents (as the kids who invented the word, and used bau, were underaged and therefore not allowed to use bau)
Can I have a bau?
Did you bring the bau?
Yo! I just be chillin with a bau!
Norwegian: Kan jeg bomme ei litta bau?
Norwegian: Tok du med bauen?
Norwegian: Jeg chillern med bau.
by hockis June 06, 2004
Top Definition
slang term for boss
(speek: bows)
who the baus nigga? who's the motherfuckin baus? (slim thug)
by germandude August 26, 2006
acronymn for Business As Usual
Quiet day at work today; everything is BAU.
by bosban February 25, 2005
1. The living and breathing embodiment of awesome.

2. The true pronunciation of this word is the same as boss.

3. The origin of this word is based on a last name molded with the alternate word, boss.

4. It is wrong to pronounce this word as BOWS as that is ignorant and unintelligent.
Like a baus, Like a Baus, Like A Baus
by imtheBaus August 16, 2013
A word usually screamed out randomly to describe sheer awesomeness, can also be used as a question.

V. to BAU!


by Phil maballs May 12, 2009
a fail at typing in IM when you are in a hurry, as in when you try to type bai and type bau
milly: my mom is yelling at me, i have to go
molly: ok bai
milly: bau
by Necta-chan December 20, 2010
The sound effect of a male having anal sex while he is giving a blow job.
Dude! I heard you in the bathroom saying bau! Sounds like a party to me!
by gareeson October 20, 2010
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