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Jamaican slang for any stimulation of the anus with the tongue.
That girl you just kissed is known for her love of giving men batty wash
#batty #anilingus #merm #lotus kiss #felching
by ja-bwoy November 30, 2006
Semen, cum, jizz.

A slang term, originating from the Jamiacan/West Indian slang for a gay man "batty boy," perhaps originating with the misbelief that homosexuals often wash each other in their own semen.

Also spelt: "botti wash" or "bati wash"
"What's that white stain on your pants Dan? It looks like you didn't clean up your batty wash."

"I'm going to spray you with my batty wash, Seana!"

"Fuck you Dhruvin, I know you just masturbated, you better clean that batty wash off of your hands before you touch me"
#cum #semen #jizz #batty boy #boti boy
by balbir December 06, 2011
The art of cleaning another persons rusty sherrifs badge with your tongue
man she was so fit, i didn't hesitate to flip her over and give her a batty wash
by gary anton November 29, 2003
jamaican crack dealers do this to female (custy`s) when they have no money but want some candy its consist of washing the (batty)(ass hole) with her tongue for crack cocaine
that girl gave me some battywash for 2 (stones)!!!
#ass licker #hole in one`d #pimpntel`d #dannyohh`d #lickitty split
by RICOG$ October 31, 2005
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