A small town in north-east Scotland where every weekend lesbians come from all over Europe to battle to the death. to the victor, a cold salmon roll. Combattants often wear armour such as chainmail, riding helmet or chastity belt, the latter used to stop other lesbians getting a grip of the vag and using it as a handle to claw.

These fights are usually refereed by Bogindollo the great wizardous molestor of the north who uses his ratty sneer and supply of puppies in his car to entice lads to him.
Rumour has it that the area of Battledykes was founder by Bogindollo's father Splinter and his mother April from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Bertha and matilda used to be lovers but after an argument about over aggressive bean flicking they decided to settle their differences in Battledykes. Matilda won the deathmatch when she used her patented toe-in-the-hole method and followed it by suffocating Bertha by sitting her varse down on her face.
by frankthetank24 August 22, 2011

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