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Bubble Shield From Halo 3:
Newbs Hide Behind It From Me And Mallrat.
Stevie:Man that dude is hidding in his battle dome.
Rob:Fucken newbs and they battle domes.
by Rob Mckittrick October 25, 2007
This interaction is designed for two guys, preferably gay. First, guy #1 gives guy #2 a blowjob, and then snowballs the semen into guy #2's anus. Next, guy #2 gives guy #1 a blowjob, snowballs it into guy #1's mouth, who then snowballs it again, into guy #2's anus. This is called a battledome because, in theory, the two sperm ejaculations could fight for dominance over guy #2's anus.
John: Hey there sexypants, the word on the street is that your sperm are a bunch of pussies.

Connor: Aw hell naw bitch, my sperm can beat the crap out of yours any day. Let's battledome right here. I'll hold it, get on your knees punk.

John: You're lucky I'm a raging homosexual.
by xWhorex May 04, 2007
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