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A title given to sexually confused boys when they come of age.
My friend next door is a batti boy. He wears nothing but Batistini clothing!
by skabbmannen October 03, 2003
44 26
a guyanese/coolie word that refers to ass or booty
Ay gyal, go wash yuh batti.
O meh mumma, yuh batti stink stink.
by gtstunna April 08, 2006
41 25
1) n. A breed of demi-gods with supreme power over electronics, known for preferring the substance 'Mountain Dew' over the ambrosia that the rest of the gods drink.
Whoa? You assembled that computer fast. You must be a battis!
by fraghappy May 16, 2004
11 2
Batti meaning homosexual
Finna batti innit?
by Scarlett's Desire August 20, 2012
0 1