The act of pulling your penis out of your partner's mouth while they're giving you a blowjob - just before climax, sticking it in their ear and shouting "Batter UP!"
"I stuck it in her ear and it was a home-run."
by Diddle January 21, 2004
Top Definition
just starting to go out with someone...moved up from bench warmer to batter up...then 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc etc...
hey guess wut? sarah's batter up!!
by *SoFaKiNg* April 19, 2004
A drinking technique: the act of taking three shots in quick succession. Usually done by more than one person at a time, for friendly competition. Works fast, obviously.
If she pulls another batter up, she's going to be on the floor in a matter of minutes.

I've never gone a batter up with him before, but I hear he holds it well.
by Dancinfetus October 25, 2006
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