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to violently beat the shit out of someone
Omg im gonna batter that gyal/boy
by mofo June 02, 2004
To kick the fucking shit out of someone
"I'm gonna fucking batter that mug"
by Alex Reah July 17, 2006
An aqueous solution of baked or deep fried goods.
The delicious form of the assorted ingredients, the 'mush', of cookie dough that is delicious, or the batter for a pie crust, or the batter that would be deep-fried dough before ending up around a corn dog or piece of fish.
by Christ_Offer November 15, 2011
Also spellt as 'batterz'.

Slang frequently used by 'chavs' ostensibly to mean homosexual. Based on the word 'batty' with the same meaning. However the word usually does not actually refer to the person in question actually being gay, more that they are annoying.
"Hey Kev ya piss midget, you facked my bird Shazza. You must be batters innit."
by Billy-Bob McSanchez April 06, 2005
Delicious pre-baked form of cake, cookies, brownies, pancakes, etc
"MMM that batter was delicious"
"DUDE! My girlfriend came over and licked brownie batter of my c**k!"
by DurableBacon July 10, 2008
The object of your affection; someone with whom you are caking.
You were getting awfully friendly over there. Who's the batter?
by J. Dodz April 19, 2006
In Ireland the verb to batter is used as a slang for sexual intercourse.
"Jaysus I'm tellin' ya Mick, I battered her last night!"
by Eiméid October 03, 2005
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