1) v.: When a male ejaculates on either a wall, floor, counter, or other hard surface and leaves it to dry.

2) n.: the spots on furnature, walls, floors, ect. where a male has ejaculated and either left it to dry or failed to properly clean it.
1) guy 1: "Dude my roomate was being a dick, so while he slept i batter splattered his headboard, dresser, and the toilet."

guy 2: "That'll show that tool."

2) girl: "I was gonna sleep with him until i walked in his bathroom and saw all the batter splatters on the shower wall...gross."
by bigdaddygiggles June 04, 2010
Top Definition
Unfortunately when a woman is suffering from a really bad dose of thrush and her partner unknowingly goes down on her. She releases a fanny fart (Queef) and splatters his face with thrush batter!
Sally 'Jimbob... Go down on me!'

Jim Bob 'Ok then if I have to'

Slobber Slobber Slobber

Phaaaart!!!!! Splatter splatter

Jim Bob 'OMG you've just covered me in your batter splatter!! '
by Dickie Rimmer April 19, 2015
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