1. One who has a declined mental state, resulting from over exposure to a cave dwelling environment and/or lifestyle.

2. An altered mental state resulting from the consumption or inhalation of bat feces.
Yeah she could be shy, or she could be a little batshitcrazy.
by chuba May 18, 2006
The adjective 'batshit' (almost invariably premodifying the noun 'crazy') derives from the fact that the guano of certain bat species, when smoked, vaporises as a potently psychotropic narcotic. The word entered the popular consciousness after one of several dozen guano collectors dropped his torch, igniting the batshit (which, as a fertiliser, is flammable) swathing every surrounding surface. The fire spread rapidly, but all the workers managed to flee in time - having, however, inhaled a considerable quantity of the smoke. The resulting deranged rampage made the international news, and "bat-shit crazy" was used in the New York Times headline. This coinage by the relevant subeditor seeded the general currency of the term, consolidated by a brief outbreak of the use of guano as a recreational drug, before even the most hardcore druggies concluded that it was just too batshit crazy.
by maxcct April 08, 2011
drunk, crazy, destructive, and bad, from NickelBack's "Burn it to the Ground"
I've got a fist full of whiskey, the bottle just bit me
Oh, that shit makes me bat shit crazy
by abra cadabrazz August 16, 2009

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