Used to direct peoples horns, usually makes them raise. Most band teachers use these for direction in music. They are stick like figures that are very skinny and easily broken.
Mr. Weltman uses his baton for directing the band.

Christian will raise his trumpet when the teacher raises the baton.

Batons can fit anywhere.
by ballenosets42730 June 12, 2011
Top Definition
a sport where young-in-shape bodies do hard tricks and manuvers with batons, but make them appear easy so nobody is really interested. The "twirlers" wear way too expensive sparkly costumes in attempt to draw more attention to them then their competitors. Usually suffer from head,fingers, and sometimes face trauma. Pay hundreds of dollars to win a few trophies and hang out with friends. Give good-luck gifts to people they dont even like to be a "good sport". They spend more time practicing or in a gym then they do living normal lives, and usually they love it.
similar to gymnastics or dance.
I practiced for 6 months and so i got a really big trophy at my baton competition!
by gl!tter January 08, 2009
A girl who gets passed around from guy to guy, whether by choice or simply because she might have daddy issues, like in a relay race.
Yo, so remember that baton Jessica? Well she slept with Josh last night (Adam's roommate) and the week before she hooked up with Josh's little brother. She might even be at Olympic baton status.
by FromOneBatontoAnother September 08, 2010
The homosexual's bat. It thinks it's a proper bat, but it's not really.
Oh, hello, could you pass me my baton please? (Doesn't quite work does it)
by Mr G January 26, 2005
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