1)Ducks/Peter Wimmer; the stupidest thing ever, or quite possibly so insanely idiotic that one's mind is incapable of understanding the sheer ludicrousness of it.
Watch out for the batos!
by Jason Tait June 20, 2003
Top Definition
spanish for dude (mainly used in Puerto Rico)
ey bato qué se esta encendiendo?

hey dude whats going on?
by muchacho rico October 19, 2006
A Spanish slang term that originated in Sinaloa,Mexico that is a rough equivalent of "Dude". Its most common in Northern Mexico and by Hispanic immigrants in the United Sates. Often use with the word "ese" as shown in the example. Often used
in Spanglish
whats up with el bato ese?


Fucking bato stole my car!
by Tormentor G October 04, 2010
This word is defined properly (dude, or guy). It comes from the Spanish word novato, usually meaning rookie or novice, or sometimes a friend.

In Spanish the letters B and V have nearly the same sound, and when they shortened the word novato in everyday speech, most people said or wrote bato; vato is correct as well.
I was just hanging out with some batos from school.
by NetCitizen November 11, 2012
1)Ducks/Peter Arthor Wimmers(plural); stupidest thing imaginable, or quite possibly so stupid that a human mind cannot comprehend the insanely ludicrous idea.
The batos are comming straight for us!
by Jason Tait June 20, 2003
A word meaning a male gangster. made popular during the time of the zoot suiters, mainly by the play and movie Zoot Suit.
Also is used as a nick name for mexican and spanish guys.
"It was every batos dream to put on a zoot suit and play the myth." zoot suit, luis valdez
by Kayla BuG October 11, 2007
Someone whom you CANNOT trust udner any circumstances.
Often manipulative.
Wow, I cannot believe Bato just told EVERYONE that.
by Hutchakanushka December 20, 2008
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