When you grab each side of your nut sack and stretch it as far each way as you can. Then, you get some jackass to look at it. You then scream batman and meatgazer to attract attention. Finally, you are allowed to kick him in the ass 3 times calling him a fag each time.
I grabbed my sack and made my adhad ass brother look at my batman. All steps followed.
by Chet the mover December 01, 2007
The dark knight. When you crap on yo girl's back and it looks like a cape. Ewww.
Yo, I batmanned that ho.
by B-dawwg November 23, 2007
when a man cums inside a woman's pussy and turns around and sucks his own cum out the woman and swallows it. Its known batman because its very mysterious and dark
Yo dude i did the batman n I taste like strawberry lol
by dark knight bahamas February 17, 2008
Originating from the title "Batty Boi," batman refers to a male who is a homosexual (or Batty boi.)
When you come across a gay couple for example you could describe them as "Batman and robin"
Scott: Hey big boi
Friend: hey batman i'm not that whey inclined you f**kn queer!
Scott: ... i luv u....
by Deanis the Poinis! October 09, 2006
HIV and AIDS virus. I saw this on a Wrap-it-up type special on BET. The forever part comes from the virus being uncurable, and the Batman part comes from the movie, Batman Forever.
"Yeah yall might call it HIV and Aids, but we call it Batman, cause it's FOREVER!"
by Khicks8 November 07, 2007
A superhero with no powers, the only power he has is his wealth
batmans only power is money.
by wooglehead April 01, 2007
When a man puts his penis into the womans vagina. aka they are fucking. the man is called batman and his penis is the batmobile.
"Would you like me to put my batmobile into your batcave, woo go batman"
by xXxEmmaxXx June 14, 2007

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