Batman is a super hero dressed in black spandex, a cape, a mask and a tool belt. He fights crime with his sidekick "Robin." Batman's real identity is that of Bruce Wayne, a millionaire/billionaire (depending upon the decade) who tragically lost his parents in some, presumably, horrible accident. (who really gives a shit about the specifics) In addition, Batman is the only gay superhero, often sodomizing, either forcefully or with consent, his pant-less, much younger "friend and sidekick" Robin. It is rumored also that his butler, Alfred, is involved when "Robin really fucks up on the job" in the "bedroom festivities."

Some of Batman's enemies include the penguin, (Secretly Batman's estranged -- and presumed dead -- father who, before faking his own death by falling into a vat of chemicals, almost certainly molested Bruce as a child) Cat Woman (the woman Bruce almost married before realized he was gay and leaving her at the head of the aisle) and though there are more, the Joker, who in a Bizzare twist is, by some totally inexplicable coincidence, Batman's mother. (also deformed --and with a change of sex -- after falling in a separate vat of chemicals)

Batman/Bruce Wayne's residence is in a giant Mansion in Gotham City (a fictional New York) complete with Bat-Mobile parking, secret underground lair filled with giant glowing screens, flashing lights, and a coffee maker. Additionally there is a BDSM chamber beneath the recreation room.

As in popular cinema:
"-Have you seen the new Batman movie?"
"-No, I heard it was shit."

As in the comic strip:
"Gee Batman, whatever are we going to do about The Joker?"
"I don't know Robin but at least Gotham is safe one night more."

As in a creepy older man living with a teenage boy
"-Oh Robin, why don't you come down stairs to the lair. Alfred and I have a surprise for you."
"-Holly rubber fist Batman!!!"

by vindex June 12, 2008
An explanation to a friend that you were having a wank.
Matt says: Hey man u were looking at porn all dau
Mitch says: nah i didn't have a batman
by Matthew Cameron July 20, 2008
The Dark Knight. Originally a DC comic book, then sprouted into a TV series, then a cartoon, and then different motion pictures. Batman is known world wide. Bruce Waynes parents were killed when he was just a child, so now he seeks vengenace on all criminals in Gotham City. His arch-nemisis is The Joker. Batman has many villians, but with his martial arts fighting style, great strength, and a belt full of awesome gadgets, they are all a piece of cake.

Robin is Batmans side-kick. There have been many Robins, starting with Jason Todd. Jason Todd soon left Batman and joined the Teen Titans. The Robin after him was Dick Grayson. After Dick Grayson got older, he left Batman and joined the Teen Titans. Batmans newest side-kick Robin is Tim Drake, who hasn't left him yet.
Robin: Holy oil slick Batman! They got away!

Batman: I am vengenace. I am the knight. I am Batman.
by not so super hero June 07, 2005
Batman is when you cum in a girls hair while she's asleep and when she wakes up her hair is sticking straight up like batmans ears
Yo, I gave my girl a Batman last night, she woke up and I had slept with Bruce Wayne
by Spazmeister February 10, 2005
You do this when a girl has fallen asleep when you are giving her some of your best moves. If this happens keep tossing yourself off and smear cum all over her face in the shape of batmans mask. Then ejaculate again and this time smear the cum in a bat shape all over her chest.
My girls a bitch she never appreciates my good loving am gonna jump in ma batman
by Sneezy123 October 03, 2007
To cum into a girl's eye while she is sleeping
1.I batmanned my girl last night, when she opened her eyes she was up for a surprise.
2.I supermanned,spidermanned, and batmanned that bitch until she was all covered with my cum.
by Kyle Springfield October 05, 2007
When u jackoff on a flash light and u turn it on and sling it on a wall in the shape of a bat.
I did the batman last night
by Luke Joe May 12, 2008

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