BATMAN (verb): to wear a creepy porcelain cat mask while simultaneously screaming BATMAN (preferably in the dark with an unsuspecting human)

"Dude did you see that? I just BATMAN'd the fuck out of Kate"

"I hate that bitch, lets BATMAN her when she returns from cunt-cycling"
by Wet Schmegmore December 17, 2008
Batmans is the act in which consenting adults partake in taboo sexual activies, and decide to take bit to the next level and wear each other out. The man lays on his back, hands down, thus allowing the woman to straddle his face. This act relinquishes any defense the man may have had prior to his involvement. Ultimately becoming a victim in a twisted game of life or death. Once she has her victim subdued she can begin phase 2: The maskenalingus. The starting of this phase is marked by the parting of the womans vagina lips, and and the pulling of said lips until they are opened wide enough allow it to engulf a mans face allowing only enough breathing room to preform cunnilingus. This occasionally results in trauma and or death. If a man does this with his ass, it is Givin' Jokers.
Freddy: never going to Nancy's house again!
Timmy Turntables: What!?!?! I thought she was the one?
Freddy: I know... i went to her house and she was waiting for me....naked. So, she has me lay down on my back, close my eyes, and sit on my hands. Then she jumped on my face and gave me batmans.
Timmy: Dang Dude!!! Did you wear a condom?
Freddy: Im not stupid bro, ...i put one on before i went there
by BatmansSince1986 April 27, 2012
A cross between a man and Batteries.
Man + Batteries = batman.
by EnglishFreak December 05, 2011
A batman jizz is when a young man is..uh...getting frisky with a young lady and pull out real quick, jizzes in his hand or a bowl and suprises the chick by wiping a huge jokerman-like smiles across her mouth with the jizz, says in a creepy tone "why so serious?" and then proceeds to tackle her in a rough but sexy manner. good luck children. invented by corinne:)
guy 1: i just batman-ed this chick last night

guy 2: did she like it?
guy 1: well, she kicked my ass in the wrestling part.
by TearsOfBlood December 05, 2010
1. Adj; Describing someone of great skill.
1. Woa, that head shot was amazing! That sniper is SO Batman!
by Sully13 March 27, 2010
when you masturbate in someones presence/in the same room without them knowing, yet while they are aware/conscious.


he is stealthy and cunning...

cunning enough to be cumming

in your presence.
my friend and i were watching a porno and i pulled a batman. guy didn't even know i rubbed one out only feet away from him.
by Eriktheoz May 03, 2009
Stands for a guy with a big penis. This term makes reference to the "Bat" in "Batman", which is commonly used to name a dick in Canada.
This milf has a Batman boyfriend.
by maxsims November 08, 2009

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