1.The Bat-Man is one of the great characters of 20th century fiction and in particular to a Post-Industrial Mythological genre known as "Super-Hero's." He was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane in 1939. He exists as a complex figure shrouded in mystery and is a master of appearances and disappearances.

2.Bat-Man is a Jungian "Underworld Archetype" in that he lives in a cave and is closely tied to the concepts of wealth and secrets. Also, because the concept of Bat-Man was birthed in death and trauma at a very young age and was used to heal his shattered life and give it meaning and power.

3.Shamanism is also particular to The Bat-Man in that an animal visitation gave him the inspiration and means to follow the path that he had chosen for himself. Like a Shaman he wears a mask of this animal and also honors this animal spirit with a representation of it in every aspect of his crime fighting career.

4. The Bat-Man is also a symbol of Mastery and Will. Batman through his own personal drive perfected himself in every conceivable skill and martial art known to man from chemistry and criminology to esoteric martial arts and subtle forms of meditation/self-hypnosis. He has tempered his willpower into an unbreakable sword. As far as he is concerned he can do anything he can conceive of.
1. "Everyone knows that Batman (and Superman) are the twin pillars that made Superhero comics what they are today"

"All the years I've known The Bat-man he hasn't changed. So mysterious, so elusive."

2. "Trauma has made many people do strange things, even dress up like a giant bat."

"I was driven by the pain of my worst memory- the night a criminal stepped from the shadows and tore my world apart. It changed me forever..."

"The Bat-Man lives in a giant underground museum of Death and Technology."

3. "A bat! That's it! It's like an omen! I shall become a Bat!"

4. "To prepare myself for the battle I developed my mind. Mastering science and criminology. I pushed myself to the limits of human endurance. Training my body to physical perfection...."

"The Batman has no limits."

"Batman has a mind like no other"

"The Batman is the World's Greatest Detective."
by The Black Ace October 02, 2012
(adj.) an accolade on someone's appearance for an outfit which includes a wide belt
Gee mom, in that dress you look so Batman.
by MsJELA January 12, 2011
Batman, "The Bat", or Bruce Wayne, is a DC superhero who features Bruce Wayne, a rich man, who has the secret identity of Batman and has devoted his life to stop crime. Batman, instead of having powers, owns many realistic gadgets (ie. grappling hooks)and is an expert in hand to hand combat. The villains range from common drug dealers to psycho maniacs, such as the Joker. Batman has been featured in comics, video games, movies, TV shows, and more. Batman wears a bat-like mask and a dark cape which he uses to glide. In many peoples' opinions, Batman is the best superhero.
I just saw Batman glide overhead.
by Lord MI May 29, 2014
The act of getting highly intoxicated and on the car ride home sticking your head outside the window and start screaming BATMAN!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations you have now been Batmaned.
Driving home from your wife's baby shower after becoming intoxicated and screaming out the window Batman.
by Givenone March 04, 2014
When you swing ur arms open like a bat and slap your girl in the face with your boner
Yo I did the batman and left a mark on her face
by Connor denoncourt March 01, 2014
He can knock you unconscious, he can beat you up, he can cream you in an IQ Test, and he can break you, but he WON'T kill you.

Also, beware Batman. By the time you see him, it will be too late.
Armed thug N1: I heard the Batman is coming. Everybody, get ready.

Armed thug N2: Bro, fuck Batman. I have a gun, and he's just some freak in a costume. Really, he's nothin.

*a random thug yells*

Armed thug N1: Holy shit, what was that-AHHH!!!

-30 seconds later-


*Batman right behind him*

Batman: I assume you thought yourself invincible, just because you have a gun. But, I Am The Night.

Armed thug N2: *turns around* OHMIGO- *unconscious*
by TheManThatWillBreakYou November 16, 2013
Batman is a superhero, duh, he drives the bat mobile and likes to come out at night to destroy villains, most favorite, the Joker. He parades on his saving the world escapades dressed all in black, looking like a bat, obviously. Though during the day he leads his double life as a normal, handsome, hardworking man. So, he has a secret identity, but the real secret is many think his name is Bruce, but it's actually Paul.
Batman : Yes, so here's the thing, my name is Bruce.

Girl (who knows him) : No actually, it's Paul.

Batman : Shh, don't tell people it's fun having a secret, secret identity.

Girl : Right,... no one ever said you were sane...
by itstopsecretinformation June 27, 2013
a sex act where while having sex with a female you pinch both of her labia between your finger and your thumb and then spread them out to make them look like bat wings.
Last night I gave Robin a "batman".
by The Youngstown Milkman August 26, 2011

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