When a girls cleavage is rocking and it makes the shape of batwings. Showing alot of boobs or cleavage. A way to warm people their showing too much boob.
"Nicci, Batman dude!"

"Oh sorry lemme fix that"

"no....its cool..."
by Ms.Mae November 15, 2009
To go off immensely over the most minor thing because you are Christian Bale-like in demeanor.

Batman is the new Mr. T.
/batman For World of Warcraft reference.

I just went batman on that mofo, I told him to stop touching those damn lights.

Stop yelling at me /cry..... BATMAN!
by Fr33PwnyR1d3$ February 03, 2009
He isn't gay: he just likes to make you gay.
"Batman makes My Chemical Romance passionately lick his sac every night before making them take a long cylindrical.... *item* up the ass."
by Batman McManbat August 31, 2011
When you are fucking a GILF from behind and the old woman skin on her arm starts to sag until it looks like batman's cape!

To successfully do this one should put up a lamp behind oneself so you get a shadow effect that appears to be the bat signal on the wall.
"I would totally batman dat gilf"
by Scoota B. July 10, 2008
Like a hot carl, but you squeeze her tits together and release forming the batman signal across her chest and tits. Think Rorschach inkblot.

Can also be like the superman, but on her front and the sheet is optional.
This chick was heinous, but she had huge bolt-ons. When she fell asleep, I dropped a hot carl, gave her a batman, and wiped my ass on her curtains. Fuck her!
by Big Pauly Pizzle May 01, 2008
I word used in substitution for thats what she said when the actual phrase may be considered inappropriate due to the audience or location.
Jeff: What do you want us to do now?

Coach: Just get on the floor and take whatever i throw you're way!

Jeff: Batman!

Coach: What was that??

Jeff: .....nothing
by Batman! March 18, 2008
A "superhero" with no powers - just a shitload of cash, bunch of gadgets, and a super-loyal butler!
Superman - "Need any help?"
Batman - "No thanks!" (kicks villain in the crotch)
by zohair March 03, 2008

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