the DC comics character created in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. a response to the success of Superman, he was the opposite of the powerful and cheery Kryptonian. he had no powers and was dark and brooding. originally, he had no problem with killing and even carried around a gun. over time the gun was dropped and he stopped killing. this was for the fact that his parents were killed with a gun, so he vowed never to use them. as the years went by, it would be revealed that he traveled the world and became a master of all forms of martial arts, detective skills and forensics. by late 1940, to attract younger viewers, Robin was introduced and became the first teen sidekick. the stories became lighter and drew away from the gritty crime stories, and became more about sci-fi and fantasy. this all came to a head when in 1966, the Batman tv show was made with a heavy campy style. this changed how Batman was precieved in the public's eye from a serious creature of the night to a silly character worth nothing more than comic value. after the show ended, an attempt was made to revive the character to his dark roots. Robin was sent to college making Batman a loner once more and a yellow oval appeared around the bat emblem on the costume. the stories once again were darker and focused on Batman as a detective, and a formidable hero. the character was once again re-invented in 1986 when Frank Millar wrote and drew THE DARK NIGHT RETURNS, a gritty and mature take on an aging Bruce Wayne forced out of retirement to don the cape and cowl once more. Millar also released BATMAN YEAR ONE, the definitive origin story. the 80's also saw the release of the movie BATMAN, starring Michael Keaton. this launched the character into the public spoltlight once again and was praised for bringing the darkness back to the character. the big deal in the 90's was the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday, and Batman had a similar ordeal of his own. a mercenary known as Bane successfully deduced Batman's secret identity and broke his back. Bruce passed the mantle over to John Paul Valley otherwise known as Azrael who changed the costume to a huge suit of armor and became increasingly more violent. Bruce Wayne having been healed, came back and sripped John Paul of the title and became Batman once more. now in the 2000's, the character has seen a record sales breaking run on the comics called BATMAN HUSH by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, a wildly successful re-boot movie BATMAN BEGINS and now has a son named Damien with Talia al Ghul. having been in publication for nearly 70 years, Batman is a true part of American pop culture and is one of the most recognizable characters around the world.
batman is the shit!!!!!!!!!!!
by indyfreak February 06, 2008
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Bruce Wayne.
Now you all know who Batman REALLY is.
by Catwoman July 19, 2003
Batman is quite possibly the greatest superhero ever created.
Batman is a great superhero because he has no lame superpowers like Superman or Spider-Man. Instead Batman is just a rich guy in a cool costume.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba August 17, 2005
1. Normal ordinary man, originally the best super hero with no super powers, but can still fight crime and beat supervillians with just his fist and gadgets (i.e. shark repellant, suction boots etc.)

If a normal guy joined the justice league, Batman says, "He can't join, he doesn't have any super powers!!" Then superman would say to him, "Doesn't he Batman? Doesn't He? No Super Powers??"
by Joker June 17, 2003
A character created by Bob Kane. The story which was published by DC Comics was about Bruce Wayne, a millionaire mourning the loss of his parents. He would assert the indentity of Batman to avenge the injustice of their murder, by fighting crime in Gotham City.

He was eventually adapted to television through movies and his own animated series by Warner Bros. A parody starring Adam West as Batman has diluded some people about the real theme of the series.
"I am vengeance... I am the night... I am Batman."
by Anonymous December 17, 2004
(1) n. Created in the late 1930s, by Bob Kane, Batman's main goal was to be a "superhero who would sell as well as Superman."

Like Superman, he was given a tragic past and a reason to fight. But, unlike Superman, he has no powers of his own, and relies on theatrics and fear to get his message across. He dresses like a Bat to invoke fear in his enemies.

He has a network of associates known as the "Bat Family," which includes: Nightwing (Dick Grayson, the first Robin), Robin (Tim Drake), Oracle (Barbra Gordon, the first Batgirl), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain). Previously, he has taken Jason Todd and Stephine Brown under his wing, both as Robins (the second and fourth ones, respectively), and both were murdered.

Since his inception, Batman has appeared in comic books, cartoons, movies, plays, and various other media. He currently stars, and is featured, in various DC comic books.

also see: The Batman, The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne, vengence, the night

(2) v. To suddenly appear or disappear without bringing attention to oneself, as Batman is known for doing.
(1) "Batman is probably the coolest superhero of all time."

(2) "I didn't even see her leave! She pulled a total Batman!"
by plume radio September 21, 2005
When somebody enters or exits near you without you knowing they were their like how batman exits in the comic
-Holy sh*t, you just pulled a batman.
-Where did he go? he always does a batman
by madjack July 07, 2004
While having sex doggy style, you have to subtly grab the drapes and tie them around your neck to make a mantle (works best with dark or black drapes). When its done you now start to hummm the batman song. From that you continue until your partner notice you are humuming and when (s)he ask what you are doing you start signing out loud, Batman, Batman.

High chance of self cock-block do at your own risk
guy 1 : Man, i cock blocked myself

guy 2 : How?

guy 1 : I did Sherly a batman, you should have seen her face, i couldn't stop laughing
by bate man July 21, 2010

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