A fictional character of DC Comics who resides in a fictional world known as Gotham City. By day he is Bruce Wayne; a popular and wealthy businessman that heads 'Wayne Enterprises'. By night he is the vigilante known as Batman; a man determined to rid the city of crime and avenge his parents' death doing it.
Batman works fine on his own, he doesn't need that pussy fruitcake Robin tagging along.

by TwentyFour November 09, 2007
1)amazing athlete(in most cases, hockey player) loved by all, but has a few anger problems. if something doesn't go his way, he will bail. but stil ends up being forgiven anyways because he's just so..amazing.

2)the act of at one time having pretty bad acne, and it suddenly clearing fast.

1)cole: dude where did you go for the last game?
james: I was pissed because coach didn't play me.
cole: wtf? he was going to play you last period but you never showed up.
james: my bad..I have anger issues. sorry.
cole: man, your such a batman. we woulda owned if you woulda stuck around!
james: well, we still took first.
cole: you have a point..so what are you doing this weekend?

2)girl one: Holy god have you seen Cody?
girl two: OH yeah, he was by the stairs like 2 minutes ago!
girl one: he looks really hot..it's like, wow. his acne just dissapeared!
girl two: yeah. I guess he pulled a batman!
by skeebergen April 28, 2008
An originally stupid, rubbery and retarded looking comicbook character with floppy ears created by Bob Kane in the 1930's. Luckily the character was rescued and revamped over the years by various comic book artists turning it into one of the coolest heroes of our day. Yet Bob Kane continues to get credit for all of the genius incarnations of this character that have happened ever since. Even though he had absolutely nothing to do with it.
Johnny: Dude! That Batman Begins was a sweet-ass movie!!! Oh, by the way, who the f*ck is Bob Kane??

Timmy: Don't know. But I'm getting tired of seeing his f*cking name on everything related to Batman!
by Mobius5by5 April 26, 2008
When your ball sac sticks to the side of your legs creating a wings affect.
Stickey situations between your legs.
by Joey2Times August 18, 2005
Batman is a man with rich powers his secret identity is a boy called Sean (seano) he is on call anytime to save the world from evil
1.Wait it's batman no it's just seano wait one sec
2. Nananananana fapman fapman
by Stevelovesyou October 24, 2011
by kingmxico24 December 16, 2008
When you are fucking a GILF from behind and the old woman skin on her arm starts to sag until it looks like batman's cape!

To successfully do this one should put up a lap behind oneself so you get a shadow that appears to be the bat signal on the wall.
"I would totally batman dat gilf"
by Scoota B. July 10, 2008
Similar to the Superman, a man places his ejaculate around the waist of a female and then places toilet paper on said ejaculate. The result is a belt of toilet paper that is similar to Batman's utility belt.
Last night, I straight up batmaned that hoe.
by The Bat Cave February 16, 2008

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