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A superhero (without powers) who dresses as a bat to strike fear in his enemies. He generally investegates as a detective. Behind the mask he is multi-millionare Bruce Wayne.
As a child he became determined for vengance ever since witnessing his parents being killed by a crook.

Created by Bob Kane and was originally potrayed with a lighter style, but was later re-created to be much darker by Frank Miller.
by shay42 August 31, 2005
1)a comic super hero
2)an expression used often on the internet to highly emphasis something
1)batman and robin
2)HOLY BATMAN! this lag is terrible!
by uncle sam April 16, 2004
Shannen is Bat-man. A realistic character who has an obscene amount of money to become a badass super hero. Also a word used to define someone awesome. :)
1. Shannen is Bat-man.
2. I'm Bat-man.

3. Bitch I be finer den Bat-man.
by i have no name, your welcome. January 04, 2013
extasyyyy, X, 007's, cristal, bibs
that bitch is sellin batmans hella cheap!
by anonymous8700 June 01, 2007

the highest compliment one can give a seemingly ordinary person for acts of spontaneous or sometimes unnoticed heroics
William: "Whoa, did you see that guy just disarm the bank robber before he could hurt anyone?"

Alan: "He is batman!"

Also seen in an episode of Seinfeld when George refers to Kramer as batman
by daemonbellum December 31, 2009
to go missing without notice
The guy did a batman on me again.
by the_intern July 10, 2008
Batman is an American television series, based on the DC comic book character of the same name.The series starred Adam West as Batman/Bruce Wayne and Burt Ward as Robin/Dick Grayson.In their disguises as Batman and Robin respectively,the two crime fighters (also known as The Dynamic Duo) defend the citizens of Gotham City from the various criminals and supervillains of the city.The series aired on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network for three seasons from January 12, 1966 to March 14, 1968, and 120 episodes were produced in total.

Recurring villains:
Whilst Batman and Robin faced numerous criminals and supervillains in their war on crime, they would often come across certain master criminals more often than others.The following are examples:
1.Joker -- played by Cesar Romero
2.Riddler -- played by Frank Gorshin
3.Penguin -- played by Burgess Meredith
4.Catwoman -- played by Julie Newmar
5.Mad Hatter -- played by David Wayne
6.Egghead -- played by Vincent Price
7.King Tut -- played by Victor Buono
8.Zelda the Great -- played by Anne Baxter
9.Marsha, Queen of Diamonds -- played by Carolyn Jones
10.Louie the Lilac -- played by Milton Berle
11.Shame -- played by Cliff Robertson

***Note:Many of the villains that featured in this Batman TV series were INVENTED specifically for this series and are NOT part of the established Batman universe (or at least they were not at the time they debuted in this series).***
Kato:(During the big fight between Batman,Robin,Green Hornet,Kato, and Colonel Gum's Henchmen,Robin punches Kato sending him to Green Hornet) "It's a good thing those guys are on our side, even though they don't know it."
Robin:(after being hit by Kato,Robin stumbles into Batman) "It's a good thing those guys aren't in town every week."
by The Centurion March 28, 2012
Means Cool, The universal word for Cool!
it is used in every language around the world!
example 1
Guy 1: Have you heard this new song? its so Batman!
Guy 2: I heard it yesterday, its pretty Batman

example 2
Girl 1: That guy seemed like a bit of a looser
Girl 2: He is so not Batman!
by a batman guy December 14, 2010