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A superhero (without powers) who dresses as a bat to strike fear in his enemies. He generally investegates as a detective. Behind the mask he is multi-millionare Bruce Wayne.
As a child he became determined for vengance ever since witnessing his parents being killed by a crook.

Created by Bob Kane and was originally potrayed with a lighter style, but was later re-created to be much darker by Frank Miller.
Batman AKA The Dark Knight or THE Batman
by shay42 August 31, 2005
While having sex doggy style, you have to subtly grab the drapes and tie them around your neck to make a mantle (works best with dark or black drapes). When its done you now start to hummm the batman song. From that you continue until your partner notice you are humuming and when (s)he ask what you are doing you start signing out loud, Batman, Batman.

High chance of self cock-block do at your own risk
guy 1 : Man, i cock blocked myself

guy 2 : How?

guy 1 : I did Sherly a batman, you should have seen her face, i couldn't stop laughing
by bate man July 21, 2010
The ultimate bad-ass
Yo man that batman is so badass
by Hello You May 15, 2008
Here is all you need to know about Batman:
He's the goddamn Batman.
Person 1: "Hey, why did he get pulled into the sky by that parachute thing? He could've just went to the airport."

This is not the correct question.

ANSWER: He's. the. goddamned. Batman.
by The Batman Advisory Team August 10, 2008
The most badass superhero created by DC comics to date. This guy dresses up as a bat, which he had a phobia of. That's just how hardcore he is! And the only thing bigger than Batman's absurdly large brain are his silver plated balls. His archenemy is a clown.

Unlike most superheroes, Batman doesn't have a super powers! Not that he needs any when most of the criminals he faces refuse to wield firearms. Batman lives in the god forsaken city of Gotham where freaks crawl out of the sewers every other day to destroy a building or 2. And even though Batman always saves the day, those stupid ass policemen just let the villians go after about a week to start the whole process over again just for kicks!

He also has a pimp ass butler and a gang of little bitches to help him out if, for what ever reason, his massive balls cant get the job done.
"Batman is the more kid-friendly version of Chuck Norris if he became a super hero."
by superdawge September 12, 2009
The ultimate superhero, one that manipulates his enemies' fear and uses stealth and intimidation and intellect to succeed, and does not need butthole Superman powers to survive.
A few reasons why Batman is better than Superman:

- Does not need dorky glasses to conceal his identity
- Does not need to struggle with women (i.e. Lois Lane) to gain their affections
- Heir to a powerful conglomerate
- Raised in a mediocre city called Gotham and not by corny farm folk in Smallville
by Balfdor July 08, 2006
Awesome super hero
nananananananana Batman Batman
by Emmet March 21, 2006
Only the coolest hero ever. He has no superpowers, but is rather driven by the sheer will to avenge the deaths of his parents. Actors to play Batman include Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and Christian Bale. (George Clooney was left out on purpose because he sucked.)
"Dude, how 'bout that Batman?"
by KFish June 16, 2005