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The batman bang is a very intense sexual eploration like none other it is when a man is fucking a chick he pulls out sprays black paint on her vagina he then gets on his knees and slams his forhead into the the womans vagina several times leaving an inprint on the mans forhead looking almost identical to the batman sign the woman then licks it off his forhead leaving her mouth black resembling the batcave he then sticks his still erectile penis into the dark hole. the man then jizzes all over her face making her look like the joker. Bat man and the joker must go into battle so the man cock slaps the joker several times untill either his penis breaks or the jokers neck.
I was so pissed off at clarice last night i told her its time to do the batman bang. She won so im going to the doctors today to get my penis fixed. THAT BITCH!!
by frain44 March 19, 2008

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