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One of the originals.
Bati_boy spake in such a highly advanced language I was confused and defeated at nvn and left in a pile of gore.
by larstait October 13, 2003
He Owned Me 4-0 In a NvN Duel..He was using His Dr Gear Aswell...He Is NvN Master..All Hail..King Bati
He Kicks Ass!
by Nut_cracker0 November 10, 2003
Shar owns Bati boy? >_> but of course .. this isnt him.. <_<
Bones was slain by Xombie
by its NOT Shar December 15, 2003
The king of necromancers on diablo2 What?
Newschool is gay haha HyPnOtIc.
by The rise of Hate October 18, 2003

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