The act of going into a bathroom and not actually using the toilet or urinal,just killing time.Done so you dont look like an idiot in public,but an idiot in private.
God my sister took forever!
I was bathroom stalling for like 45 minutes,i was bored out of my ass.
by Davion Williams October 20, 2008
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The time spent in a public restroom after you poop, waiting for everybody to clear out so that nobody knows it was you who was pooping. Can be accomplished either by waiting for the bathroom to be completely empty, or by waiting until a new set of people come in who don't know you just pooped.
Woman 1: "Why did it take you so long in the bathroom?"
Woman 2: "I had to poop but these two girls were talkin' it up in the bathroom forever, so I was bathroom stalling for like 5 minutes!"
by hiddenpaw December 07, 2010

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