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This is a condition which sometimes arises amongst female swimmers. Sometimes, the strap of a girl's bathing suit will rub up against her neck, and if this goes on for the entirety of a very long practice, hickey-like marks are left on the neck.
In the locker room after swim practice, Caroline noticed odd red marks on her neck. Jane, noticing them also, said, "Congratulations on your first bathing suit hickey."
by Liz September 25, 2004
Action doll of the legend James Hickey with pool-side accesories. Comes complete with plastic sun lounger and pint glass.
I've got the new Bathing Suit Hickey, i know its a doll but he looks so sexy in that bathing suit!

My Bathing Suit Hickey is passed out on the side of the pool cos he drunk too much!
by hickdogg June 01, 2005
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