a slow or clogged bathroom drain, caused by accumulation of gunk in the plumbing.

effectively, atherosclerosis of one's bathroom fixtures.
"i cant shower without getting a backlog of rank water in the tub. there must be wad of soap-scum and hair causing all this batherosclerosis."
by flocko February 19, 2008
Batherosclerosis is a condition in which the bath tub drain wall thickens as a result of the accumulation of hair and general human filth resulting in a bath tub that has to be left overnight to drain properly. Curable with a plunger, gas mask and a strong stomach.
Person 1: Your bathtub has a sever case of batherosclerosis.
Person 2: Oh Dear!
Person 3: Not to worry! I shall brave the filth with my mighty plunger! For Narnia!
Person 2: My hero!
by llamas007 April 07, 2013

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