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a hybrid between a burmese python and a reticulated python. Typicly called Boreno Bateaters. Bateaters generally all have highly varyable patterns, making each snake unique.

You can also breed Bateaters back to a Reticulated Python and get Jungle Retics, same with the Burmese, and get Jungle Burms
I bred my retic to my burm and got bateaters, then i bred them back to my Retic and got Jungle Retics
by Style23 November 21, 2007
A hybrid between the worlds longest snake, the green anaconda and the worsts bulkiest snake, the Burmese python. It is currently threating the anaconda as worlds heaviest snake.
WOAH check out the size of that bateater, wonder if it eats little kids!
by Teh Gecko June 22, 2007
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