When an older guy tries to pull girls out of a strip club for a sexual or basic relationship.
Friend 1:
So I met this stripper after she got off and drove her home last night.

Friend 2: You mean you pulled a Bates
by The Catt November 28, 2011
To vomit in an uncontrollable fashion; often whilst sitting on the ground in the middle of a park, on a saturday night
Ewww she was batesing all over him last weekend

My hair had all this bates in it

Oh my god, shes so gross...it makes me want to bates!
by McBabe12 October 28, 2008
Slang word of yiddish origin to call a girl who loves rugby boys, will spend a gap year hiking up Mount Everest in bare feet and will probably never ever learn how to make chicken dinner.
Uchh what a mierce bates she is.
by HMD92 January 27, 2010
Someone who is beyond lazy and generally cares nothing for life.
person 1: "Hese done nothing but watch TV all day"
Person 2:"Init what a toser, hese a pure bates"
by lloyd90 September 17, 2007
Bates(aka Big lipped Bastard)is John Carroll's Hero. Very racist and educated in firearms. Damn Sexy. Very, very big lips. If your listen closely in the halls, you can hear him say "Stupid Nigger!" and "Hell No!". Despite his unusual appearence , Bates takes a hip-hop dance class and can back it up like nobody's buisness.
Whos that guy with those huge ass lips? Ooh that's just Bates.
by Peety Bates. March 09, 2005
can be used as either a noun or adjective, usually meaning someone who eats plastic and is subject to extreme homosexuality, likes lawn tractors and is the king of nig rigging
"Dude quit pullin a bates"
"Dude ur such a bates, get your hand out of my pants"
by Andy Colabella April 03, 2007
An interjection used to express great joy. It most commonly used during pre-climaxes when masturbating. But, it is a great way to let the world know you are happy to be a man. It can be used as loudly, like the battle cry of a chronic chicken choker, or softly, like you would whisper to your nonexistent lover. One last use is when you know you are smarter than someone, but still feel challenged by them. You can gain the high ground by stroking your ego with a scream of BATE!
1. ugh, guh, mggh, ugh ugh guh, oogh, oo, ooooo, .... BATE!

2. Emmet: Dude, you just beat me in a battle of wits. It doesn't matter though, because I am cooler and get more chicks than you.
Ian: uh.... BATE!
by Felix Awesome October 24, 2009
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